The Beautiful Absurdity of UK Fans
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The Beautiful Absurdity of UK Fans

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
marckrebs.jpeg Part of the greatness of being a fan of teams in this "World is Flat" era is that you can go on message boards and immediately vent your feelings. I would never criticize this form of expression, in large part because without such message boards, this website would have never been created. But sometimes.....well lots of times, message boards provide unbelievable amounts of absurdity. On The Cats Pause today, one such post from user "DowningCats" may have topped them all: Tonight, my roommate, girlfriend, and I attended the University of Kentucky's Midnight Crunch Brunch (an event held every finals week to give students a break from studying.) While we were there eating our food, we saw Mark Krebs, Mark Coury, and Jared Carter walk up the stairs. Some of you might not know who he is, but Krebs is a walk-on on UK's basketball team. While walking up the stairs, Krebs stopped for a second to whisper to Coury, and then proceeded to walk up these two guys sitting right beside us and said "Can I sit with you girls?" and laughed and walked away. We all found this to be a very cruel thing for Krebs to do. These guys we just sitting there, minding their own business, and Krebs went out of his way to make fun of them. It was an extremely cruel and hateful thing to do. I, along with my roommate, will NEVER cheer for Krebs if he ever gets in a game. I have lost whatever respect I would have had for the guy. Some people may think I am over-reacting, but I was raised to treat people with common decency and to stand up for what I believe is wrong and Mark Krebs was most definately wrong tonight. Sorry for the long post but I had to take a second to vent and stand up for what is right. Tell me this post isnt great. First of all, Krebs (who most people wouldnt know if he came and kicked them in the face) is said to have supposedly called an anonymous lunch eater a "girl", which if actually meant to be a put-down, would put Marc somewhere between 4th and 5th grade in terms of creativity. Assuming this story is true (which I have no reason to do but will for sake of hilarity), I do like however that "DowningCats" completely accepts the fact that it must be because Krebs is a prick. No, it couldnt be that Marc knew the young man or that it was an inside joke....big Marc Krebs, all 5'10" of him was punking this kid and calling him the dreaded label "girl." I also like the vision of Krebs, Coury and Carter walking in as a sort of modern-day group of bullys. I cant imagine a group I would find less threatening, but I do hope that at some point all three don leather jackets, roll cigarettes up in their white shirts and start taking kids lunch money.....that would be precious. Finally, you have to love that "DowningCats" felt the need to "stand up for what is right" by coming on a message board and telling the story. Yes ladies and gentlemen, in today's modern world we do our Aaron Tippin duty ("You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for everything") not by helping the actual aggrieved party or befriending the "girl" in question. No, we go to a message board and rat out the evil Marc Krebs. That my friends is courage and is what we should all strive to do. And in other news, Perry Stevenson pulled a girl's pig tails in Social Studies......

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