The class to end the streak

Hunter Campbellalmost 12 years


The great Larry Vaught has a really nice article up right now about Kentucky senior Christian Johnson and the lengths to which he went to reach out to a child who has become his biggest fan. While Vaught is no Chris Johns, he tells a great story about Johnson's relationship with the young fan, eight-year-old Clay Ferguson, which began with the big lineman giving Ferguson one of his gloves after the Auburn win and has continued until today. It's a good read that illustrates not only the commitment of Kentucky fans, but the appreciation that the athletes that wear the Blue have for that commitment. It's also just one more reason to love this senior class, which has been so special to the football program. The accomplishments of the class are well known, and to say that this is the most successful senior class in the history of Kentucky football probably wouldn't be a stretch. They've won bowls, they've slayed giants, they've given us something to look back on and set us up with something to look forward to. Guys like Micah Johnson and Trevard Lindley have been anchors for years, and have given all they have to make Kentucky a program worthy of respect. There's only one thing left to do for the senior class, save for finishing their careers undefeated in bowl games. That's beat Tennessee, something that hasn't happened since I was in my mom's arms 25 years ago. There may have never been a better opportunity, and there may have never been a more deserving class to be the one to end the streak. There also may have never been a more deserving Tennessee team to finally fall to the Wildcats, what with their insufferable coach and Red Ryder robberies. The streak has gone on too long, and quite simply, its time has come. Here's to hoping these Cats can pull it off. Go Big Blue.

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