The Entertation Index: July 25-29

The Entertation Index: July 25-29

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Entertation3 Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption. ------------------ 3D -- A team of researchers at MIT have allegedly devised a new technology for a completely glasses-free 3D experience in theaters. There's no name for it so far, but the current working title for it is "a play." Link: Cinema 3D with no Glasses? MIT Has Done It Girls, Gilmore -- It's not my bag but I'd be remiss if I didn't toss this out there for those of you who enjoyed it, so here's the trailer for the new Gilmore Girls-on-Netflix trailer. Don't ask me anything about it, though, because I got nothing. I think one of these ladies was in Bad Santa and the other has some traveling pants of some sort. Anyway, from what I gather this is a big deal. Link: The Gilmore Girls Netflix Trailer  Heart Risks, Astronaut -- A NASA-affiliated team of physicians and scientists has opened a study to investigate whether our nation's astronauts who have gone to the moon are at a greater risk for heart and cardiovascular disease. Inside sources say there is a connection, as exposure to that amount of cheese can wreak havoc on the arteries. Link: Study Asks if Moon Astronauts Got Increased Heart Risks 26-caroeke-robinson.w529.h529 Showdown, Caraoke -- Clearly combining elements from James Corden's immensely likable "Carpool Karaoke" segments with Cash Cab, Spike TV has announced the mobile game show Caraoke Showdown, where host Craig Robinson will pick people up and then force them to sing, finish song lyrics or act out songs in his back seat. Or, if you just want an obnoxious driver to awkwardly attempt to insert himself into your life, you could just do what everyone else does and call an Uber. Link: "Caraoke Showdown" Series a Go at Spike Street, Sesame -- According to comments made by one of the actors at a recent press outing and an official statement from Sesame Workshop, the actors who portrayed longtime Sesame Street residents Bob, Gordon and Luis have been fired from the current Sesame Street cast. Even worse, whenever Big Bird wants to talk to one of them now he'll have to instead dial a number for an overseas call center, which will really cut into the show's running time. Link: Sesame Street Fires Bob, Gordon and Luis [caption id="attachment_203669" align="alignnone" width="300"]Proposed Olympian Opening Ceremony Uniform. Proposed Olympian Opening Ceremony Uniform.[/caption] Uniforms, Olympic Opening Ceremony -- Fashion juggernaut Ralph Lauren unveiled the American athletes' uniforms for the Rio Opening Ceremonies next Friday, which will consist of white denim jeans tapered at the ankles, navy blazers and red, white and blue boat shoes. Designers felt that it was important to both tap into a relaxed look which incorporated our nation's colors and styles and also to look like a bunch of douchebags. Link: See Team USA's Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms Up, Buckle -- If you have plans to Cincinnati's Buckle Up Country Music Festival next weekend, start figuring out something else to do because the even has abruptly been canceled less than two weeks before it takes the stage. Tickets are being fully refunded by festival organizers and jilted would-be attendees who hoped to hear music from Brad Paisley, Tyler Farr, Maddie & Tae, Chase Rice and others are advised to just go literally anywhere else in the entire region at any time. Link: PromoWest Cancels Buckle Up Country Music Festival in Blue Ash

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