The Fake Enes Kanter account is playing mind games with the media

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Sometimes, fake can be very, very good.  If you spent any time on the internet during your teenage years or followed Gimel Martinez' alter ego on Twitter, you're probably very aware of this point.  But, more often than not, fake can be frustrating.  That's the case with the fake Enes Kanter account on Twitter (@eneskanter), which has, for some reason, nearly 4,000 followers and has been Tweeting as if it were the actual Enes Kanter for months now despite multiple releases from UK and Coach Cal stating that it's a fraud.  Plus, we all know Enes is more of a Chat Roulette type of guy.  Today, it appears that the guy who probably spends one hand on his keyboard and one hand in his pants celebrating his pseudo-celebrity finally got his 15 minutes of fame as two media outlets took his Tweets and rolled with them.  Last night, fake Enes Tweeted "Tomorrow is D-Day" (which has now been deleted since Doyel's news) and then followed it with "not the best of news" this morning (which has also now been deleted).    But, before the Tweets could fade innocently into the alternate world of disappearing Tweets, ESPN's Eamonn Brennan cited them in his Kanter story on's college basketball blog and the Courier-Journal's sports editor re-Tweeted it to his followers, causing a minor outburst on the internet as people cried for doom and gloom over some dude jacking it in front of his Macbook.  Oh, 24/7 news world, you're a dirty, dirty skank.  And Fake Enes Kanter, you're a red hot piping douche. #FreeEnes

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