The KSR P.H.B. - Round One - Jerry Tipton vs. Bryan the Intern

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


Welcome to the truncated, angry at the loss and at the fans version of the PHB. Walsh beat Slay, badly. He'll face his own hellspawn Joakim Noah in the next round. Here's your comment, which comes from another one of my fellow contest contestants (hello redundancy!) and gives us some insight into the famed 'playmate' that seems to be the only thing even remotely redeeming about Matt Walsh: from jlllouisville I have a great story about the Playmate and the SEC tournament (except everyone gets mad when I start telling stories.) Suffice it to say, I have seen her in person and she is, to borrow a term from the male vernacular, a butterface. Now, onto today's other hatefest set to take place in the comments section... (1) Jerry Tipton - Everyone, I believe you know Mr. Tipton. Mr. Tipton, this is everyone. Mr. Tipton, I think everyone has had some problems with you in the past, but you've been pretty tame lately, so maybe they like you now but I doubt it. I'll leave you guys to talk it out. (8) Bryan the Intern - Seriously, Matt made me put BTI in here. He did it in an e-mail, but I could still hear the maniacal laughter in the background. I'll be voting for Tipton, though, because I'm kind of partial to the links meister. When new people come here and see 'Bryan the Intern', even though he's been around forever and I just got here, they probably think he has to get me coffee and bid my tidings, which he does. So, in short, I'm voting for Tipton because BTI brings me my coffee. Comments and!

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