The Mother Hen Continues to Improve

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
motherhen We are big on nicknames here at KSR. Instead of calling players by their birthin' names, a good nickname helps relate the player to the fans and make it much more interesting for all involved. That is why it was entertaining last night to hear the Boston U head coach say that Josh Harrellson was this UK team's "mother hen." He didnt elaborate on the theme, but one would assume that he means Harrellson is attempting to make sure that his teammates are protected and communicates on the court. After the game, Jorts was asked about the notion of him as a "mother hen" and he said that he didnt even know what that meant. But he likes being the idea of a protecter, and I like the idea of calling him a "mother." It wont replace "Jorts", but "Mother Hen" would be a good nickname. But more importantly, we need Jorts to continue to play so well that coaches feel the need to address him after the games...that will show he is playing well enough to be a factor...exactly what UK needs from the "5" position in order to be a team that can contend.

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