The Unofficial Top 3 Third Down Defense Hype Songs

The Unofficial Top 3 Third Down Defense Hype Songs

Jay Winklerabout 5 years


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  [caption id="attachment_205925" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Photo: UK Athletics Photo: UK Athletics[/caption] Last night, UK football finally picked up some momentum, especially on the defensive end. Going from allowing 42 points against New Mexico State to holding an SEC offense to just 10 is a huge step in the right direction, not just for the team, but for the fans. When a stadium can unite, players and fans, to build to a crescendo on every third down, that's a recipe for a big stop. Part of that crescendo is the music. So, here is my unofficial ranking of the top 3 third down defense hype songs: 3. Hells Bells, AC/DC Classic, classic hype song. If you came to me today and said that this song should've been number one, I wouldn't argue too much. It just starts too slow. They have to cut out half of the bells in the intro or else the ball would get snapped mid-chime. And post bells, the song doesn't ramp up quickly enough. So for that, it ranks third. 2. Guerilla Radio, Rage Against The Machine Just like disco, rap-rock has gone the way of the dodo. That's too bad, because this song hits the ground running and never stops. If anything, in contrast to Hells Bells, it moves a hair too fast. If rap-rock were still a big deal, this song would be number 1. Unfortunately, that ship sailed like 15 years ago, so alas, my personal favorite sits in second place. 1. For Whom The Bell Tolls, Metallica The superior song with bells. UK Football likes to double down on the Metallica, but this gem shines above fellow 3rd down anthem Ride the Lightning. Perfectly paced for pumping up the crowd, with only two bell rings before the big guitar drop, For Whom The Bell Tolls is the quintessential 3rd down hype song.   Any suggestions for a new song that Commonwealth Stadium should break out on 3rd downs?   @JayWinkKSR

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