The Wives of the SEC

by:Matt Jones08/09/06
Once I got into the blogging business (and what a business it is), I realized that there are a lot of people doing a lot of blogging and some of it can be quite influential. Take last night for instance, when Joe Leiberman was defeated in the Connecticut Democratic Primary, in part because of the work of bloggers at the site, the Daily Kos. So while some blogging work can be important, then there is the other know like: Wives of the SEC It seems as if Deep South Sports (a great blog by the way), as done an expose and has determined the best looking SEC Football coaches' wives in all of the land. Above pictured is Ed Oregaron of Ole Miss' wife who has the athletic, sporty look. If you have ever seen ol, Ed, you would recognize that he is playing WAY up in league here....I mean we are talking Donald Trump levels of out of his league. And Mrs. Oregaron is not even number 1. Interestingly, and sadly, this is yet another list that Rich Brooks does not make. But fear not, like Freddie Blassie, Brooks is classy and a comeback is sure to be coming soon.

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