The World's Largest Water Balloon Fight's Saturday News and Views

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ACassady_KSR Micheal Phelps. Billy Mitchell. Charles Atlas. Yao Defen. All have had their names printed as the best in the world at some great feat. They will be looked back upon through the annals of history as the human beings that achieved through hard work, perseverance, or just genetics. They are world record holders. Soon in Lexington a large group of students will join them as World Record holders. Tonight is the night. The now annual University of Kentucky back-to-school breaking of the world record for largest water balloon fight is about to go down here in about an hour. If you are reading this on campus or just in the greater L.A. (Lexington Area) make your way to Pieratt's field, right next to Commonwealth Stadium, for a record breaking night. Once I'm finished with this post I'll be making my way down there to bear witness to over 175,000 balloons exploding in a matter of minutes. The sight is nothing short of spectacular. After months of slow news the first Friday of the new school year provided plenty. Here are your Saturday news and views: -G.O.A.T. Earlier in the day ESPN released their top 50 programs of the last 50 years and Kentucky came in at number three. UNC ranked first while UCLA took the number two spot. With only 50 years covered four of Kentucky's championships did not factor into the equation otherwise the greatest program of all time would have been an easy choice for number 1. Still UCLA seems a little high as they only dominated two of the eras.   -Interesting: Following that David Armstrong, the director of Football Administration, resigned after deciding to "pursue other interests". The decision came at an extremely odd time as the season kicks off in just nine days. Armstrong had worked with the team for a little over a year so whatever his other interests are must be pretty compelling to leave so close to Sept. 2nd.   -O Captain! My Captain! Speaking of football we now know who will be calling heads or tails on the field this season as the Cats announced their offense and defensive captains. Defensive end Collins Ukwu and center Matt Smith were voted as the season team captains by their peers. Joining the duo for the Lousiville game will be O.G. Larry Warford and cornerback Martavius Neloms. Football season is so close!   -Pollin' Hard. CBS was back at it again with another of their now infamous polls. The final poll asked who is the most coveted coach in America? Coach Cal checked in at number six with 6% of the vote. I don't know who was on this anonymous panel of coaches but after witnessing the past three seasons if you don't want Cal leading your program then you simply just do no enjoy success.   -The final bit of news came late in the evening as Xavier Rathan-Mayes eliminated  Kentucky from his list of schools. XR-M is a teammate of Andrew Wiggins and there had been talks of the two coming to Kentucky to continue their dominance on the college level. Kentucky had yet to offer the shooting guard as they have are watching all the top guys in the 2013 class. One thing is for sure the class is going to be the most fun to watch come together of the Cal era as for the first time players seem to be hot one minute and not the next.   -Kentucky Elite. The Elite 24 event got underway tonight and featured the Harrison twins, Julius Randle, and Andrew Wiggins. The dunk contest was the first event of the weekend and Julius Randle took home the gold. Randle's won the contest behind the strength of a through the legs slam and a behind-the-back jam that I have got to see. The dunk earned a perfect score from the judges. Julius said following the event he will make a list of 9 or 10 schools.   That's all the news and views from me. I've got a world record to go break. Rashawn Franklin and myself will be by tomorrow as news breaks regarding the Cats so until then enjoy your Friday night!

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