Three Top Five Picks In The 2010 NBA Draft?

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The guys over at the world wide leader have taken the NBA season into consieration and have ‘re-drafted’ the top 10 picks of last years NBA draft.  And in their opinion, it should have been an even more historic night for the University of Kentucky.  After playing well in limited minutes, Patrick Patterson was moved up to number 5 in the mock re-draft, Cousins to 4, and Wall held strong and number one.  Since the article is an insider piece, here’s the parts you might be interested in.

No. 1 pick: The Wizards select John Wall

The Wizards may be terrible, and Wall simply has to improve his shooting, but there is no question he is at the head of this draft class by a large margin.

Despite playing on a bad team with some teammates who play like they don’t care, or who struggle to be professionals off the court, Wall has maintained his competitive edge and is on the fast track to becoming an All-Star. He forces Wizards executives to ask, “How does he fit in with John?” every time they study a prospect or veteran.

No. 4 pick: The Timberwolves select DeMarcus Cousins

I understand why the Wolves didn’t draft him (see last week’s Rookie Watch), but can’t help but think, “What if they had?”

The Wolves force the ball inside. They have a great shooting and passing power forward in Kevin Love. And their style of play and personnel is a perfect match for Cousins, who would pair with Love to form the best defensive-rebounding tandem in the NBA. Within three years they would likely have the best power forward/center combo in basketball. Yes, even better than the Lakers’ front line of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

No. 5 pick: The Kings select Patrick Patterson

Don’t let Patterson’s pedestrian averages fool you. If he had been drafted by Sacramento, or any team not loaded with strong veterans inside, Patterson would likely be a 14 and 7 guy right away with relative ease. And he’d do that more efficiently than the guys in Sacramento.

Patterson’s shooting and defense would have earned him a starting spot quickly, too. When we revisit this draft in a few years, Patterson will be among the top performers.

Great to see Patrick getting good press.  He really is one of the hardest workers we’ve had the privilege to watch, and if he keeps producing, he will be an all star before you know it.  Like Cal said, Patrick will be in the league for a long, long time.

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