TMZ Asks Coach Cal about UK Super Team/Drake

TMZ Asks Coach Cal about UK Super Team/Drake

Kory Henryabout 4 years


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While John Calipari was in Washington D.C., the sneaky & controversial TMZ Sports caught a quick interview with our head coach. If you can hear over the interviewer being asked for his press credentials, it's actually an interesting interview. Obviously unprepared, Coach Cal answered the questions like a professional. During the "interview", Coach Cal was asked about the potential of a UK super team in the NBA. Calipari said he was all for it, as teams like the New Orleans Pelicans seem to be close. With Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rajon Rondo already together, could you imagine another All-Star Wildcat like John Wall heading to New Orleans? But when asked whether he would coach such a team? "No, no, no, I have enough trouble coaching Kentucky...", jokingly said Calipari. Coach Cal was also asked about his friendship with Drake, which some of us may have heard before. As usual, Calipari said that he knew Drake since the beginning, before all of his songs took off. He talked about Drake's loyalty to the program, and how he knew good things were coming. Check out the unexpected interview below:

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