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Remember Tiger King? You know, that show we all watched on Netflix. It felt like three years ago but really it hasn't even been three months. Even though the show is over, it's just like the jelly of the month club, a gift that keeps on giving. Carole Baskin began the week on top of Tiger Mountain. The show's antagonist received her reward for winning a $1 million judgment in a copyright infringement case against Joe Exotic. Of course, Joe didn't have the money to pay up, so Baskin fought to take anything and everything from him in court. On Monday a judge gave Baskin ownership and control of Joe's zoo in Oklahoma. Just like in the documentary, the pendulum quickly swung back against Baskin. Throughout her battles with Joe Exotic, the Tiger King often insisted that Baskin murdered her late husband, Don Lewis, and fed him to her tigers to inherit his vast fortune. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance were suspicious, to say the least. Then this week Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told WTSP the will that gave Baskin Lewis' vast fortune was in fact foraged. "They had two experts deem it 100 percent a forgery. But, we knew that...we knew that before." For those hoping this would take down Baskin, I have some bad news. The statute of limitations pertaining to the forgery has passed. Will she ever pay the pied piper? Hopefully, but until then she'll continue to enjoy time with all of Joe's cool cats and kittens in Oklahoma.

Yikes, Mike Norvell

Florida State threw $14 million at Willie Taggert to go away. His successor, Mike Norvell, is off to some kind of start in Tallahassee. After the head coach told the media he spoke to all of his players individually about the nationwide protests, senior team captain Marvin Wilson called BS.

World's Strongest Punter Stays in College

Arizona State's Michael Turk turned heads at the NFL Combine. The yolked punter set a new record for specialists on the bench, completing 25 reps of 225 pounds. Apparently, the rest of his workouts did not go so well. Turk did not get picked in the NFL Draft. Even though he had already signed an agent, the Sun Devils requested a waiver for Turk to regain his eligibility. Citing Turk's inability to work out individually for NFL teams and at ASU's pro day because of coronavirus, the NCAA granted Turk's request. It's the first time NCAA has granted a waiver for a player who had declared, signed with an agent and gone through the NFL Draft process through the end. If the NCAA is doing this for Michael Turk, they've gotta let Olivier Sarr play for UK in 2020-21, right?

Mina Kimes on The Matt Jones Podcast

Do yourself a favor and download the latest edition of The Matt Jones Podcast. Mina Kimes is one of ESPN's brightest young stars. Her rise into the business is impressive and her role as a female voice in the NFL is intriguing. It all follows a serious conversation about how "the center has moved" as the expectations of athletes on social issues has changed. If you haven't already subscribed, smash that button now so you can have the conversations with Dr. Ricky Jones and Ryan McGee on your phone first when they drop before the start of the weekend.

This is a Real Tweet

Nope, it's not The Onion.

Orange Creamsicle Cocktail at KSBar

Have you ever had Ale-8's orange creamsicle? Probably not, because it's so hard to find. Now you know a place where you can enjoy the delightful treat, KSBar and Grille. Do yourself a favor and get in on the action before they're gone.

Freddie Maggard joins KSR

If you thought I had my fun talking football on KSR, wait until Freddie Maggard throws on the headset. The best mullet in the Bluegrass will answer any and all of your gridiron-related questions for two hours. Don't Geek.

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