Turns out Mohamed Bamba's estranged brother has a pretty shady past

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Last night, Mohamed Bamba’s estranged brother made some pretty serious accusations concerning his brother’s eligibility at Texas, but today, we’re finding out that — shocker — he may not be a trustworthy source.

In a Facebook Live video, Ibrahim Johnson accused his brother of accepting $200 a week in cash, vacations and gifts, including a California king size bed, from Greer Love, a vice president at Huron Capital who has mentored Bamba for almost ten years. Johnson blames Love for a rift between himself and Mohamed, which prompted Bamba to cut him out of his recruiting process completely back in January.

Since Johnson sought his revenge via Facebook Live last night, reporters have been digging into his past and, not surprisingly, discovered plenty of dirt. Johnson has been arrested several times since January — three times in the month of March alone. According to 247 Sports, the charges include a hit-and-run in Florida, forgery, falsification, petty theft, and possession of drugs in Ohio, and possession of drugs in South Carolina. Johnson has become increasingly desperate to expose his brother despite the fact that the compliance department of each school Bamba visited (including Kentucky) AND the NCAA Eligibility Center already cleared the relationship between Bamba and Love. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing gets past Sandy Bell.) The tipping point came when Bamba and Love refused to comply with Johnson’s recent demands for “various impermissible benefits,” prompting the Facebook outburst.

247 Sports’ Andrew Slater spoke to Love, who explained that he’s taken every precaution to make sure his relationship with Bamba was compliant.

“When Mo asked me to guide him and help coordinate the logistics of his recruitment,” Love told 247Sports, “I immediately engaged the former Chief Compliance Officer of two Big 10 / Big 12 schools, who provided frequent consultation on a variety of matters. Doing things the right way has been our top priority since day one. Mo’s got way too much to lose to take any chances on anything even remotely impermissible. With my 9-year, pre-existing relationship on the line with Mo personally, let alone his college eligibility, I took several additional measures to ensure that Mo was fully compliant every step of the way.”

NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster has also been on top of this story and came on this morning’s show with Aaron Torres to give his take:

Hopefully, this is the end of this saga, and Mohamed Bamba can get back to focusing on what he loves: playing basketball and taking over the business world.

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