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Matt Jonesover 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
The day after one of the most exciting UK football days in recent years, we move back to the regular world and give some late night notes: --- After a SI article that clearly upset him, Andrew Wiggins decided to go HAM tonight and went for 57 points against whatever poor high school had the misfortune of playing him next. He shot 24-28 from the field (astounding) and apparently put on the kind of angry show that Michael Jordan, Kobe and Lebron have made famous over the years. Wiggins didn't like the article, which suggested that he was somehow afraid to play in a big time spotlight and questioned ties to various figures in his life. It was a classic Pete Thamel piece, and yet another that made its subject mad. But you gotta love how Wiggins responded, showcasing once again that he is going to be an absolute superstar. --- The UK basketball team gets back into action against Auburn on Saturday and in preparation, Jay Bilas said on ESPN that UK is #13 in his college basketball power rankings. The rankings are conceived not based on the play all year, but what the team is like at this very moment. And in that context, Bilas believes Kentucky is at this point, a top 15 team. I tend to agree with him. In a college basketball world where no one is very good, the Cats continued improvement makes them a scary team for some other powers as the season moves forward. --- On the football side of things, Kentucky's Junior Day is this weekend and there are some BIG prospects expected to attend. Kentucky will have a number of projected four star players and as one person around the program told me recently, "it may be the best collection of talent here ever." We will learn the names as the weeks go on, but for now, just know that they are very good. --- Also, UK football funding passed today the Kentucky House of Representatives by a 97-1 vote. The only nay vote was Republican Toby Herald of Beattyville. Herald didn't say why he voted no, but we plan on learning more about him tomorrow and demanding answers. In the meantime, the bill now goes to the Senate and here is a picture of Toby getting sworn in: toby --- Finally, the 2013 former LSU commit Tevin Lawson has decided not to visit UK this weekend. He told a Louisiana newspaper that he would be visiting Louisiana Tech instead. This is likely due to his desire to stay closer to home, but that is unfortunate as he is a big time player that the staff did really covet. Finally, take a look at the world's best Pickpocket on the Today Show, blowing people's minds. I was quite impressed: Tomorrow's radio show will be huge as the 1978 UK BASKETBALL TEAM will be on the air with me. They are in town for a 35 year reunion and Jack Givens, Mike Phillips and James Lee will join me in studio. Plus, we play Shannon versus the ladies in UK trivia and learn more about our man Toby Herald, the sole person who voted against the UK Commonwealth funding. See you then.

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