UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes

UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes

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uk-fans-of-the-day-feb-9 A couple of notes to interrupt your Mitch Barnhart Day celebration...  - Speaking of Mitch, he spent some time at the press conference today talking about making improvements to Commonwealth Stadium.  There were no groundbreaking news tidbits and it was all very similar to his interview with Matt a few weeks ago, but it at least looks like UK might get some return on that extra investment they made in the AD this morning.  That's a good thing, right?  - I am completely shocked by the number of people who criticized John Wall's demeanor during his appearance at Rupp yesterday.  On this morning's post, comments came pretty heavily that he appeared to disinterested and wasn't excited enough.  What?  Are we honestly complaining about a guy flying cross-country for no reason other than to show respect for the program?  The kid came out and humbly waved to the crowd.  What do you want?  If he had come out and started dancing and popping his collar and dancing around and flexing his muscles, what would you have said then?  The truth is, he doesn't owe anyone anything.  99% of college athletes leave campus and are gone.  UK has the luxury of having one of basketball's great young stars wanting to still be a part of the tradition.  And we're going to complain that he didn't smile enough?  - On a more jovial John Wall note, the Wizards point guard returned to DC in time to not listen to the Sports Junkies and join his team for their shootaround.  When asked how he did it, Wall said, "I'm smooth."  Had "smooth" been capitalized, we'd be subjected to a Ramel Bradley diss track.  - One of life's great exhilarations continues to be the Billy Gillispie coaching rumors.  Facebook groups trying to lure him to Texas Tech and Wyoming have both popped up and SportsByBrooks, who brings it pretty hot and heavy on the Clyde beat, thinks that one (TTU) is a legitimate option, while the other (Wyoming) is a pipe dream.  Brooks also says he's hearing that Clyde is interested in Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, NC State, Oklahoma and SMU.  No word on whethere any of them are interested in him.  - A day later, the details of the confrontation between Bruce Pearl and a few Kentucky fans still seem unclear.  The most repeated story involves Bruce lashing out at his players and then turning his ire toward a pair of Kentucky fans.  I don't think that's spicy enough though.  I want someone to make up a more creative version and we'll roll with that.  - 465 more minutes until Justified returns. In case you missed the show this morning, Matt and Zach talked Tennessee, fake callers and other stuff.  Check it out below.

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