UK Fan Takes "Free Enes" Fight to the White House

Matt Jonesover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
eneskanter Many have tried to take a stand in the fight to Free Enes. A large group of you have bought t-shirts, painted signs or had your picture taken in front of the world's monuments. But how many of you have thought about doing direct political activism? Well one Gary Hardin did. As you can see by this link on a roundup of letters written to the President, Hardin took the time to write President Obama and make his case for the use of pardon power to help one Enes Kanter. He suggests to Obama that if only he will take a minute to read up on Enes, the economy, war in Afghanistan and new Republican Congress will just be mere sidebars to righting the true wrong in the world...the treatment of one Enes Kanter. Gary Hardin, we salute you. While in the future we might suggest that before you write the President, you spell check, the principle is nevertheless the same. We can never be a free people so long as Enes is not allowed to roam the basketball courts of our great nation. NCAA and Enes Kanter To: President Barack Obama December 30, 2010 I voted for you Mr. President. Your actions have spoken loudly in all that you have accomplished. Please research the injustice being done by the NCAA and its actions against Enes Kanter. With all of the recent decisions it has made in favor of certain atheletes and Institutions, why does it seem it is persecuting this one Athelete who has tried to follow all the rules to be eleigible to play college basketball. Your support (knowing you are a b-ball fan) would be greatly appreciated. If you were to just spend a few mopments to read what has occured since March of this year and the NCAA recent decisions, you too SIR will feel the anger! Thank You Sir for your action on this subject. Gary Hardin College Basketball fan Lexington , Ky

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