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thing 36 Hours until the plane leaves for Maui...I am giddy. Some notes: --- We talked a lot on the radio show today about the Enes Kanter situation and how the appeals process would work (the link is below). However there has also been some good writing by others on the subject as well. Kudos to Eric Crawford who has this breakdown of the arguments that both sides could make as part of the Kanter appeal. I give UK fans a lot of credit for acknowledging the difficulties in this appeal and not simply ranting that the NCAA is unfair. It is a tough situation and Eric breaks down well each side's best case. --- On the other hand is this thread on an LSU board about Auburn football that combines some of the most absurd conspiracy theories I have seen. The author acknowledges at the beginning that he isnt able to say that anything he writes is true...yet there are thousands of fans on the internet believing all of it and assuming that Auburn will be kicked out of the SEC. Aww the joys of SEC football and the fans that come with it. --- Speaking of Auburn, there are reports that 2012 Dixie Heights QB Zeke Pike is now leaning towards the Tigers. This would be bad news for UK for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that Pike is very good. The state of Kentucky produces so few great players that when they do, the Cats HAVE to keep them at home. Pike is a prime example, and one that Joker must reel in. --- Finally, a big kudos to the 2011 recruiting class as three of the five preseason All America are UK recruits according to High Potential Scouting Service. Marquis Teague, Anthony Davis and Mike Gilchrist joined Rakeem Christmas and Austin Rivers on the team, making the UK future roster unbelievably scary. In other news, four future Billy Clyde recruits were named to the preseason All America team for the Low Potential Scouting Service. So we all have something to be happy about. More later today as we move towards a game with the Portland Pilots and that kid that can shoot crazy threes....

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