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A few notes for you to nibble on while you control your Penn Quaker excitement... - First of all, there is a rumor circulating that a Texas site is saying that DeAndre Daniels has eliminated UK.  It's just that.  A rumor.  Still no word.  - Thanks to their win over 25th-ranked Louisville, Kentucky rose one spot in each poll.  The Cats are currently 10th in the AP version and 11th in the ESPN/USA Today, serving as the highest-ranked two-loss team in both.  It doesn't really mean much at this point, but if the SEC is truly as bad as everyone says it is, it wouldn't be shocking for the Cats to be in the top-5 at the end of the year.  Vanderbilt (#22 and #24) is the only other SEC team ranked in the poll.  Florida received votes in both and Georgia received one vote in the AP.  Tennessee has completely fallen off the map.  - In the SEC Coaches Teleconference today, Coach Cal spent some time talking about star forward Terrence Jones, who has struggled a bit lately to find the overpowering consistency that became his trademark earlier in the year.  Cal spoke for a need for Jones to play with more intensity and speed and cited his practice habits for being a factor in his sluggish play lately.  Cal said that he's started a new thing in practice that any time he sees Jones jogging or playing at half-speed, he's immediately yanked off the court and put on a treadmill.  Cal was quick to note that there was no attitude issue in play and said that Jones is "a great young man", but expects him to dominate every game and he hasn't been doing it lately.  This is his way of getting him back on track before the conference play starts.  Sure beats a bathroom stall.  - As mentioned earlier in the post on Jorts, Cal spoke very openly about inspiring his players to get better individually.  Cal talked about how working with Josh Harrellson has renewed his confidence and helped him grow into a player of value for the team.  He said that often times, it's the coach who needs to step up and find a way to work a little extra with a player and that, on this team, he is trying to step up his game with Eloy Vargas, Jon Hood and Stacey Poole.  He said that all three are important pieces in what he wants this team to accomplish and he wants them to have their moments of achievement.    - Interesting note on Penn:  The last time UK played, it was Marvin Stone's first college game and he led the team in scoring with 12 points.  He would top that only four times the rest of his career.  - Did you know that Kevin Galloway is third in the nation in assists?  I knew you did, you genius.  - In case you missed it, it was time to celebrate and gloat as only a big brother can on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning.  Matt and Intern Drew held down the fort and let the Big Blue Nation make their voices heard.  You can hear the podcast below. HOUR 1 HOUR 2

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