UK President Eli Capilouto Talks About Football Funding

Matt Jonesalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
In the above video, UK President Eli Capilouto talks about the status of funding for UK football facility renovation. The takeaway point is this...Capilouto says that they are not ready yet to ask the legislature for money for football facility renovation. He gives no timetable for such a request. While his comments are interesting, they really don't tell us much. Three things are important to remember: 1. A proposal is being put forth to go to the state legislature in January and ask for bonding capacity for the University. This proposal can include significant facility renovation for UK football. 2. Senator David Williams has said that if UK football projects are specifically set aside in the bonding request, he would be inclined to support such requests. This is likely due to the money that will come into the football program via the new SEC Contract and potential SEC Network over the next ten years. Williams however doesn't want to give UK money to use on whatever it wants, but instead wants to see exactly what the request for the money is for. If that request puts football separately, he said on my radio show, he would be inclined to support it. 3. The question now remains whether the President and the Board of Trustees will create a request for UK football facility funding in such a form. If the President agrees, it will be on Williams to follow through with his pledge...for now, it rests with the UK President. Thus while there is a lot of buzz to the President's comments, what he says to Ryan Alessi above is not a change in any meaningful way. The same dates are relevant...December, when UK makes its bonding request to the Legislature and January when the decision is made to grant bonding capacity. Until then, we are on a waiting game.

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