Underwater Throggle Thrower of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


Not even the beautiful scenery of the coral reefs in the Cayman Islands could stop this guy from throwing his three goggles. Now that's fanhood. -- After Cal announced last night that Drake would be one of the coaches for the Alumni game, the internet has been buzzing with speculation as to who the other could would be. The most popular guess so far has been the King himself, LeBron James. People are reportedly reaching out to LeBron to see if he's able to come...can you imagine? "Hey Julius, meet Anthony, Rajon, Michael, John, and DeMarcus. Oh yeah, I think you know these guys...Drake and LeBron, this is Julius Randle." Just in case someone cancels at the last minute, I'm bringing my sneakers and whistle with me. Layup lines for everyone! -- Over at Zagsblog.com, Adam Zagoria interviewed a "high-major Division 1 assistant" that said most are considering Andrew Wiggins a "done deal" to Kentucky. As long as "done deal" doesn't have to do with horse farms and Billy Donovan, I'm all for it. -- Former basketball coach Tom Penders has feelings about Billy Gillispie and he's not afraid to share them: Let it out, Tom, let it out. -- Rashawn will be by later with a preview of tomorrow's game against Kent State, but in the meantime, a programming reminder: the game will not be televised on Time/Warner in Lexington, so unless you have Dish, DirectTV, or ESPN 3 online, you may be out of luck, which is more incentive to actually go. Don't worry, the rain is supposed to clear out by game time. -- Hey Pete Thamel, did you see this article about Duke's Lance Thomas buying $100,000 worth of jewelry back in 2010 and failing to pay for it? No? Thought so. -- Here's today's podcast, in which Matt showed off some of his rapping skills. Don't worry, you can fast forward through that part.

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