Unofficial visits the key to football recruiting success

Thomas Beisnerabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
It doesn't take a genius to see the difference between football recruiting now and last season, when it seemed like UK might end up with a two-man class.  With the addition of Lexington offensive lineman Zach West today, the Cats now have 18 players in their 2011 class.  What's the key to that success?  Well, it appears that the unofficial visit has played a very important part of not only UK's success, but a host of other schools, according to ESPN. Here is what Joker Phillips had to say:
"All these unofficial visits have helped us get off to a great start here at Kentucky," said Phillips, who has been with Kentucky since 2003 and served as the recruiting coordinator at one point. "We started in February and continued in the spring and summer. The great part about it was that it was always one or two kids. We could devout more personal attention to these prospects and spend more quality time with them. In some cases we literally dropped what we were doing. I dropped what I was doing. It's that important. You may only have them on campus one time and you want them leaving with a great taste in their mouth about your school."

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