UofL assistant coach reaches plea agreement in DUI case

UofL assistant coach reaches plea agreement in DUI case

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Much like his team, Louisville tight end coach Chris Klenakis is done for the year. The only difference is the team must keep showing up while Klenakis has been placed on administrative leave following a DUI arrest last month.

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On Thursday, Klenakis reached a plea agreement on charges of driving under the influence and second-degree wanton endangerment, according to the good people over at the Courier-Journal. He will serve four days in jail and pay $728 in fines and fees. He will return to court on October 25 for further sentencing, where he'll face up to 180 days in jail. According to the police report, Klenakis recorded a .165 BAC after he was seen swerving in and out of lanes, and narrowly missed a construction site where workers were actively working on I-64. He was then pulled from his vehicle once he refused to exit on his own. [Courier-Journal]

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