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Gerry DiNardoover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Gerry DiNardoGerry DiNardo
n12901544_33429061_7682.jpg Just in case anyone was still undecided about the class difference between UK and UofL, here is more evidence. The girl on the bottom right, Bailey, is a student at UK. While some chose to go the “Lil’ Kim on Awards Night” route, Bailey decided to represent UK with an air of class not usually seen on campus like UofL. So if you can bear it, here is an opportunity to not think about where certain teenage boys are going to school next year and look at a student already enrolled in UK. You can vote every hour, so go ahead, look at four lovely coeds and every time you update this site to look for “important news,” check it out again and realize there is more to life than basketball.

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