Wall capturing the attention of the nation

Hunter Campbellalmost 12 years


ESPN's own Scoop Jackson took his shot at putting into words his awe in the face of the dynamo that is John Wall. What follows is something I don't think Jerry Tipton could quite pull off. A sample:
If he had a nickname, it would be "The Biz." He gives opponents the business; he handles his business. Not Biz Markie, but mark thee as the best N.C. has seen since CP3; Jason Kidd size and speed, EBC imagination. There's nothing John Wall can't do or thinks he can't do when a ball's in his hands. Around, over, through you. Pick your poison. He's anthrax wit' it. Beyond sick. Killer crossover. His game stays in transition: always on the move, always growing. He gets up and down the court with ease and poise, a grown kid among boys. He covers 94-by-50 as TMZ does Britney: baseline to baseline, Wall to wall. Get it? Blink. Gone. How does someone 6-foot-4, 185 pounds vanish, then reappear only after points are scored, assists are made with a smile on his face that could light up Manhattan? Blink. Gone. Another steal. Another dunk. Another highlight. The prep with a pro game. If the 2010 draft were today, NBAdraft.net and Draftexpress.com say he would be the No. 1 overall pick. So whenever he does decide to enter the league, the minute the commish steps to the podium ... blink, he's gone.
In addition to detailing some of the personal struggles of Wall's life pre-Kentucky, one of Jackson's main points is that our star frosh has the country on notice, and that he is great enough to be worth watching just to see what he'll do, regardless of your fan affiliation. If you follow the KSR twitter account, you'll know from this past Saturday that Bill Simmons agrees. For me, it's tough to watch games, particularly if they're not close, because I constantly watch Wall even when he's off the ball. I don't know if I expect to see him reading or clipping his nails or getting a girl's number while he waits for the rock, but something just says I need to be watching him at all times. Maybe a law requiring a John Wall-only picture-in-picture button on all remote controls is the best solution. I'll let the FCC hash out the details on that, but I think it's a start. Kidding aside,  Jackson's message is true and should be taken to heart by all fans, especially those of the Blue and White.
...seeing John Wall ball now, I can say I haven't seen anyone's game quite like his, I don't know of anybody's future quite like his, and a street named after him in his hometown might be the least of what's about to come his way. From this point forward, when it comes to John Wall, don't blink.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Go Cats.

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