WATCH: UK Football Players and Coaches Prepare for Rivalry Game with Tennessee
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WATCH: UK Football Players and Coaches Prepare for Rivalry Game with Tennessee

Nick Roushabout 2 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


It's officially Tennessee hate week, and the Kentucky football players and coaches are locked in already. Members of the team and coaching staff met with the media this week to preview the Cats' game against the Vols (and to weigh in on some other note-worthy stuff, like the basketball game and the weather, of course). Landon Young is all-in on the rivalry with Tennessee, however, he's not all-in on Kentucky basketball. Never one that has gravitated to the hardwood, he did not stay up to watch the Wildcats and the Spartans because it was past his 9 o'clock bedtime. Drake Jackson is happy he will not have to worry about snapping a wet football to Lynn Bowden this weekend. All he has to worry about is a little cold, the perfect weather for offensive linemen. The rain should make it easier for Lynn Bowden to toss around the pigskin, but he was not too quick to tip his cap on Kentucky's game plan. In fact, he even hinted that he might make a return to receiver at some point Saturday night. The guys in front of Bowden helped pave the way for his 200-yard performance against Missouri. Offensive line coach John Schlarman described it as the "cleanest" game his unit has played in 2019. Defensive Coordinator Brad White discussed what makes a "rivalry week" so helpful. He also gives an update on Kash Daniel and discusses how the team stays motivated through a bye week. DeAndre Square is another year older and another year wiser since the last time Kentucky played Tennessee. What has he learned? What does the rivalry mean to him? "They don't like us; we don't like them." Last but not last, Quinton Bohanna dishes on the team's "extra motivation" against Tennessee and compares the bye week practices. [mobile_ad]

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