What does Kentucky have that is bigger than any other state?

Sam Gormleyabout 4 years


Aritcle written by:Sam GormleySam Gormley
Estately, a relator company, put together a list of what each state has that is bigger than the rest of the nation. What does Kentucky have? Well, as the map shows, Kentucky hosts the largest Secret Santa game in the nation. Now while I had personally never heard Kentucky being known for this, a simple Google found the answer. In 2013, Lexington Catholic High School broke the record by exchanging gifts Secret Santa style with 1,464 high school and middle school students. Estately goes on to mention a few other things that Kentucky is known for. For example:
water balloon fight / archery tournament / gathering of people wearing sweatbands / robot competition / collection of Tooth Fairy-related items / boat tie-up / replica baseball hat / Secret Santa game / tape ball / 4k screen at a video game competition / full-pipe in a skatepark / bubblegum bubble blown from a nose
Is this post sports related? Not really, but I personally always find these interesting. Can you confirm or deny any of the others on the list? Or have you been a part of one? Let me know in the comments! In the meantime, I am heading to New Hampshire and staying away from Oklahoma, Montana, California and Nevada. If you're curious about the entire list, here is the article.

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