What we're hearing on Reid Travis

by:TJ Walker06/19/18
[caption id="attachment_242110" align="alignnone" width="1538"] Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America[/caption] Good evening, folks. Reid Travis is on UK's campus and things are supposedly going pretty well. Well enough where rumors are surfacing that Travis has enrolled in classes at Kentucky. At this point (10:25 p.m.) we can't confirm that he's enrolled at UK, but Kentucky Sports Radio is confident that it will happen in the near future (if it already hasn't happened). I don't expect Travis to make any other visits and I would anticipate a commitment to Kentucky very soon. It may be as simple as Travis leaves Lexington tomorrow, goes home to pack up his things and then returns to Lexington a couple days later. I wish we could break the "Reid Travis has committed to Kentucky" this evening, but as of now we can't. Everything points to that conclusion in the very near future, but we may need to wait until Wednesday. Stay tuned to Kentucky Sports Radio tomorrow for what could be a huge day. If you're into reading  social media tea-leaves- a few important accounts have followed Travis on Instagram. The Eric Lindsey one is most telling because that's his personal account. If he had to follow every recruit UK was pursuing that'd be exhausting. He ain't doing that. https://twitter.com/camsample54/status/1009211556607987712 [mobile_ad]

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