What's On Their iPods? - UofL Gameweek Edition

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Joker Phillips, J.D. Shelburne - "Farmboy" Music video. Cameo. Bass line boogie. Nothing else need be said. Charlie Strong, Outkast - "Roses" Really, Chuckie? "Never going to win again"? That actually came out of your mouth? Looks like somebody's got some 'splainin to do because these Wildcats don't take kindly to such boastful chatter. And you clearly think you defecation produces no odor, sir. Matt Jones, Patty and Mildred J. Hill - "Happy Birthday to You" Our fearless leader's birthday is today, so of course this is on his iPod! His alter ego, El Capitan Jones, was listening to "Felize Cumpleanos a Ti", but this Eastern KY product had to pay homage to the Kentuckian-composed version. Happy birthdat, Matt! Teddy Bridgwater (UofL QB), Teddy Pendergrass - "Close The Door" After UofL lost four years in a row to the Cats, Teddy arrived with hopes to 'close the door' on UK from here on out. Even his coach has claimed UK will never win again. Also, Teddy is so vain that he only enjoys music by other Teddy's. Think again, my friend. This game will be a battle. Will Stein (UofL QB), Leprechaun Song - "I Want The Gold" In simple terms, Stein could very well be a crackhead who "gottahold of the wrong stuff!" Or just a Leprechaun. I'll let you be the judge of that. But this is what he'll be listening to on the bench. Devante Parker (UofL WR), Gotye - "Someone That I Used To Know" The Wildcats once recruited Parker, but he spurned them for the Cards. UK is someone that he used to know. We've got a couple defenders in the secondary who can't wait to get reacquainted, though. Bryce McNeal (x-UofL WR), N'Sync - "Bye Bye Bye" Coach Chuck Strong likes to instill brotherhood in his Cardinals by making them listen to boy band albums in the shower. In fact, Strong prefers to spin the Backstreet Boys. After taking offense to Strong's rude remarks about his favorite band, incoming Clemson-grad McNeal decided to depart from UofL and go 'bye bye bye'. John Calipari, Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"  Coach Cal came by practice today and gave them a pep talk that was "so real", so quote one player. Cal knows a thing or two about beating Louisville, so let's hope the magic touch spread to the football team for Sunday. Tom Jurich, John Williams - "Imperial March" (Star Wars) First off, shout out to all my SW nerds out there (I see you, Fake Gimel! *brofist*). Tommy J is leading the 'evil empire' into battle as if he were commandeering the once-thought-to-be-indestructible Death Star. We're coming for your exhaust port, Tommy.  And I mean that in the most hetero way possible. Avery Williamson (UK LB), Ludacris - "Move" (nsfw language) Avery can't way to move Teddy Bridgewater out of the way. I really hope that happens in a spectacular way. Max Smith (UK QB), Rudy Theme Song The underdog story goes into effect right now. Let the theme build and build until you feel like you are running along on the turf with Max as he rushes for a touchdown at the goal late late in the fourth quarter for the win. And that ain't no guess, that's what it's gon' be. Chris Thomas, Houndmouth - "Penitentiary" Shameless self-promotion time. I manage a band made up of my very good friends from Louisville, KY // New Albany, IN, Houndmouth. Their debut EP came out today (iTunes) along with the music video linked above. They'll be playing Lexington in November so come out and hang!

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