Who is going to be THE MAN on this basketball team?

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DeAndre Liggins #34 of the Kentucky Wildcats dribbles the ball while defended by E.J. Dawson #1 of the Longwood Lancers during the game on November 24, 2008 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Every great team, both at Kentucky and nationally, has that one player (sometimes two) who are considered THE MAN on that team.  They may not be the "leader" vocally, but they are the guy that the team can depend on to produce night in and night out, and who gets the ball late in games.  UK has been lucky over the years, and the last 3 with Patrick Patterson has been especially lucky.  But, this year's team doesn't have a defined GUY coming into the year.  I would say that only in 1993-94 and maybe 1999-00 did UK come in with same problem, and in both years a future UK great showed up, Tony Delk and Tayshuan Prince. Last year was the first time a freshman (Wall) stepped up to be the man, along with Patterson.  But for this team, we don't know who is going to step into that role.  Darius Miller seems to be the most likely choice, with his experience and improvement over the last 2 years.  Maybe Deandre Liggins, but if he is not a starter I can not see him filling this role.  Maybe one of the freshman will fill that spot, but Brandon Knight has not been hyped to have the same type of personality that Wall had.  So, the question is: can this team be successful without a defined go to guy? 1992: Jamal Mashburn 1993: Mashburn 1994: Tony Delk 1995: Delk 1996: Delk 1997: Ron Mercer 1998: Wayne Turner/Jeff Sheppard 1999: Turner 2000: Tayshuan Prince/Jamaal Magloire 2001: Prince 2002: Prince 2003: Keith Bogans 2004: Gerald Fitch 2005: Chuck Hayes 2006: Rajon Rondo 2007: Joe Crawford/Ramel Bradley 2008: Crawford/Bradley/Patrick Patterson 2009: Patterson/Meeks 2010: Patterson/Wall Who is it going to be this year?

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