Will Wonders Never Cease? Scott Rigot FOUND A JOB!!!!

Will Wonders Never Cease? Scott Rigot FOUND A JOB!!!!

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rtyurtu You remember Scott Rigot right? You know...the UK assistant coach known for his connections overseas who managed to pull not one international recruit and was the punchline of nearly every joke made by a UK player in the last five years. Well guess what. That guy GOT ANOTHER JOB! It takes some bit of talent to leave the University with the greatest basketball tradition in the country and having finished working for a coach respected by his peers on both the college and NBA level and find a way to not be hired by anyone in the country....but Rigot managed to do that! Not only did Tubby decide not to take him to Minnesota (a statement in itself), but no one even pulled a South Florida and took him after the Tubster bolted town. But now someone has. DUQUESNE....the Atlantic 10 team that no one knows is even in the conference has hired Rigot as an assistant coach, where he will immediately go to work not bringing in recruits and setting a conference record for "most times looking perplexed on the sideline." We here at Kentucky Sports Radio wish Scott well and thank Duquesne University for helping keep one of our former coaches off the street. In memoriam for Scott's time here, one of our favorite posts from the pass.....our report on Rigot's Bluegrass 10,000 Performance....an oldie, but a goodie.

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