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On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, at approximately 2:58 pm, William Thomas Beisner was born.  His father, legendary KSR blogger Thomas Beisner, said, "he is as pretty as his daddy."  But, let's hope he looks nothing like his daddy for his sake.  Papa Beisner also said, "he is power forward built already."  That explains the rumors swirling around many Florida camps that young William has a bright future on the hardwood.  Rivals.com and Scout.com both have him listed as a 4 star in the 2028 class, and, he is considered to be a Kentucky lean barring any cash offers from a Florida school.  What great news for the future of Big Blue Nation.  But in all seriousness, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Beisner on the birth of their baby boy.  We wish them well and I hope Beisner enjoys his one day off from the site because that's all he gets.  There is no maternity leave clause in the KSR contract.  He'll be back in no time to continue to deliver University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible.  But for now, you're stuck with me so let's get to it... -- In a 3:08 press conference yesterday, Joker Phillips officially dropped the "in-waiting" from his job title and took over as head coach of the Kentucky football team. Sadly, he didn't chest bump Lones Seiber or mention his love for homegrown tomatoes. Should we be concerned? In case you missed the press conference, you can watch it here. -- #1 Kansas fought off 2 points and 7 boards in 24 minutes from the Mark Coury Flurry and narrowly escaped an upset tonight from the Big Red of Cornell. Cornell led 64-63 with under a minute to go but fell victim to the homecookin' in Phog Allen Fieldhouse down the stretch. A missed Kansas free throw gave Cornell a shot with 12 seconds to go but Cornell's Ryan Wittman missed a double-pump, windmill, 'I want the glory" three pointer over two defenders. I'm guessing it wasn't the play drawn up in the timeout. -- Former Wildcat walk-on Landon Slone has signed with Pikeville College. Slone will join the Bears next season and will likely stay with the team until John Calipari takes over as head coach. He will then run to Jerry Tipton for a sixth interview. But seriously, congratulations to Landon and to Pikeville for the the big signing. -- UKAthletics.com will hold a "Three Amigos" live blog today at 1 pm.  Wall, Cousins, and Bledsoe will field questions and comments from UK fans in the usual live blog format.  Be sure to tune in and ask typical live blog questions, such as, "Any word on Jai Lucas?" and "Pilgrim is a beast."  The first person to get Bledsoe or Cousins to say "sh-t" on the blog will win a free something from KSR. -- Speaking of live blogs, there was an "After Hours" live blog last night.  For those who missed out, Matt and I discussed everything from Andy Katz to Bret Hart, while reciting every lyric from Bone Thug's "Crossroads".  Oh yeah, Matt made the political announcement too. -- Yesterday, one of our idiotic writers reported that Word of God Christian Academy will be playing Lexington Catholic Friday night.  Apparently, due to some KHSAA rules I don't understand, Lex Cath cannot play the Holy Rams.  No worries, CJ Leslie and the boys will still be playing Friday at Lexington Catholic but their new opponent is the Blue Grass Baptist School.  Also, in that same post, the writer incorrectly said Enes Kanter will be playing for Mountain State Academy against Quincy Miller.  Not true.  See what happens when people try to play Rumbaugh? -- And in "please, please, please" news, rumors are swirling on the Tennessee Vols message boards that Tyler Smith and that big uncoordinated guy will be dismissed from the team.  I have seen nothing that actually confirms this but it gives us all something to hope for throughout our day. I guess that's all for now.  Honestly, I lost my train of thought because Matt threw that live blog on me out of nowhere while I was writing this post. Next up: Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click.

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