Willie Nelson's Monday News and Views

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 9 years


Has anyone ever worn a bandana as well as Willie Nelson? Willie Nelson is many things. For our more mature readers, he's the voice of a generation, whether rogue or beloved. For my generation, he's the grandfather for which you will forgive most anything, may it be drug relapses or the occasional flatulence. Don't get me wrong--many things for which Willie stands are illegal and therefore inappropriate, but there's something about a seventy-nine year old spokesman that makes you look twice. Many people look at Willie and focus on his obvious connotations--legalization of marijuana, liberal activist, and yes, numerous arrests, but the thing we can all agree on is his music. Willie was the forefather of "outlaw country," the rebel branch of the soapy-clean Nashville sound, which dominated the 'waves in the early 1970's. For those farmers amongst us, remember Willie as one of the masterminds behind Farm Aid, a well-intentioned series of concerts that started in the mid-80's and continues today to benefit family farmers across the country and raise awareness for an industry in need. Willie's list of hits are as long as his gray braids (which have shortened in old age): "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain," "On the Road Again," "Always On My Mind," and "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" to name just a very few. My favorite Willie song? It's a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Songbird," released in his 2006 album bearing the same name, and to this day, makes me want and iced tea and a slow dance on the patio. So, put on your bandana, sit back, and raise a glass to the 79-year-old birthday boy. ...and then enjoy these news and views. -- I know it's on your lips, so stop right there. There's no new news about Anthony Bennett (sorry, internet rumors). -- However, future Cat Archie Goodwin did get a rather ugly tattoo on his arm of a clown, but I can learn to get over it. Clowns are funny, right?? -- Matt has a full recruit roundup below (scroll, baby, scroll), but some names to keep an eye on this week: Montrezl Harrell, Torian Graham, Amile Jefferson, Mislov Brzoja, and the always polarizing Mark Lyons. Believe it or not, it's time to turn our thoughts to 2013 as well, which means you need to memorize the following names: Derek Willis (been there, committed that), the Harrison Twins, Julius Randle, Jabari Parker (this is my drool-worthy 2013 crush), Troy Williams, and James Young to name a few. Williams is believed to decide this upcoming week between the Cats and the Tarheels, so keep your ears open. Even though it's the off-season, it never is, right? -- 2014 (yes, I know) recruit Andrew Wiggins may reclassify to the 2013 class, according to Brian Flinn of future150.com. Wiggins is a 6’7 small forward from Toronto who outshined many older recruits in the Nike Hoop Summit a few weeks ago. Definitely something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. -- Keep loving Nerlens Noel, because with every BBN-related tweet and Wildcat bit of propaganda, he makes it worth your while. These are the kids programs are built around, and the fact that Nerlens is embracing that without being on campus yet speaks volumes. -- The NFL draft and subsequent deals left our former Cats scattered around the country. Here's a list of where they ended up (draft and free agents): Winston Guy: Seattle Seahawks (draft) Danny Trevathan: Denver Broncos (draft) Ryan Tydlacka: Philadelphia Eagles Chandler Burden: Tennessee Titans Randall Burden: Arizona Cardinals Ronnie Sneed: Detroit Lions Anthony Mosley: San Francisco 49ers Add at will. -- The Bat Cats lost their first series of the SEC season this weekend, dropping 2 of 3 to Vanderbilt. The Cats started out hot against the 'Dores 5-2 on Friday night, perhaps emboldened by the Commodores' presentation of the SEC Tournament Championship rings to their basketball players prior to the first pitch. Unfortunately, that momentum wasn't enough to carry them through the series, but they hope to get back on the ropes Thursday against Florida at "The Cliff." More in the morning. For a moment, I'd like to thank Matt and Drew for all the opportunities I've been given with this site. It's been a long, strange trip, but one for which I am grateful and will give my all as your new Co-Editor; on the precipice of one the biggest times of my life, I can't think of a happier home. See you soon.

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