Willie says Daxter Miles' remarks make tomorrow's game "personal"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


IMG_5360 This afternoon, West Virginia freshman Daxter Miles popped up on Kentucky's radar when he told reporters that after tomorrow, the Cats will be 36-1. "Salute to them getting up to 36-0," Miles said. "but tomorrow they're gonna be 36-1. They're gonna be 36-1." Miles wasn't done yet. The freshman--clearly a freshman!--said he doesn't think Kentucky plays hard. "I don't think they've played a team like us," Miles said. "To me, they don't play hard. To me, they don't play as hard as we play. Nobody is invincible, so their time will come, and I think we're going to pull it out." Oh boy. That was dumb. A reporter told Willie Cauley-Stein about Miles' comments in the locker room, and Willie couldn't believe it. "You've never even watched us play in person or you've never even watched us play people that are supposed to beat you and you end up beating them by 30, 40 points. But we don't play hard? I mean..." Willie trailed off. "If you're playing against teams like UCLA, Kansas, that are good teams and you're able to do what we did to them without playing hard, imagine what we do playing hard. That's kind of my mentality." Do Miles' remarks light a fuse? "Absolutely," Willie said. "Now I'm kind of juiced. This game is going to be really fun. They made it kind of personal now. It's just going to be one of them games, that I'm telling you, if you want to watch a good game, you're going to want to watch this game because dudes is lit. Dudes is really ready to play." The cardinal rule of playing the Cats this season: don't poke the bear.

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