Wright State coach is a little bitter over Mays' transfer

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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Wright State head coach Billy Donlon recently told the the Dayton Daily News that he would've been more loyal to the Raiders basketball program had he been in Julius Mays' shoes. Mays, of course, transferred to Kentucky for his senior season after two years -- the first was a transfer year -- at Wright State. From the Dayton Daily News:
I have no ill will toward Julius and I wish him great success at Kentucky,” Donlon said after a long pause and a careful choice of words. “He made a decision he thought was in his best interests. But what I struggle with is that I know what he was when he walked in the door here as a player. “For two years – the year he sat (per NCAA transfer rules) and the year he played – this whole university put a lot of time and effort into him. The athletic department, the trainers because he had a major hip injury, the doctors, the coaching staff, the strength coach, they all gave him everything they could when he needed it. “So, if I was in his shoes would I have made a different decision? Absolutely. I believe in loyalty."
Coach Donlon may believe in loyalty, but he clearly doesn't believe in playing for NCAA titles and chasing NBA dreams. If I'm in Mays' shoes, not only would I need a couple extra pairs of socks, but I would've done the same thing and transferred to play for John Calipari. That's a no-brainer. [Dayton Daily News: WSU's Donlon pushing on after losses]

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