Your Game Show-filled Friday continues with, "WHO TWEETED IT?"

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twitter   This week has been filled with Yahtzee all across the Commonwealth, thanks to the relentless efforts by Mark Stoops and Co. While the Yahtzee they reference has nothing to do with an actual game, it inspired me to brainstorm through my wild imagination for fun games to entertain myself. This game isn't as trivial as this morning's radio show, where Matt's contest decided, "Who is UK's Most Knowledgeable Couple?" My game is something fun I like to do during the first half of NBA games when I really can't pay attention. Reading a Tweet out loud and letting friends guess, "Who Tweeted It?", usually produces some hilarious responses. These next 14 multiple-choice questions (for the 14th of June), will test how well you know #BBNs best Twitter-ers. But more than likely you will just laugh at what I have been able to find while trolling the Twittersphere.  
1. Played Marion 3 years ago so will have some idea as we watch Josh Teater in his first US Open. Good luck and keep it in the short grass.
A.  Tom Leach B. Oscar Combs C. Rich Brooks D. Mike Pratt  
2. Gotta chill wit my dude @dslowmotion22 (Dakari Johnson) soon! Come ball at the JC!
A. Julius Randle B. Stone Cold Willow C. Jarrod Polson D. Reese Kemp  
3. Polygraph results up for sale with the true detailed story of what happened that night.
A. Drew Franklin B. Jose Canseco C. Demarcus Cousins D. John Daly  
A. Ally Tucker B. "Kentucky Bad Girl" C. Marshall Henderson D. Rich Brooks marshall-henderson-laughing-ole-miss-player-3
5. Lemme tell you something, even God can't guard me 1 on 1.
A. Charles Barkley B. John Wall C. Marshall Henderson D. LeBron James  
6. I run the SEC!
A. Drew Barker B. Stone Cold Willow C. Mark Stoops D. Marshall Henderson  
7. Ohio State president Gordon Gee makes Forrest Gump look like Einstein. Gee, what a wonderful representative he is of academia.
A. Justin Rowland B. Oscar Combs C.  Paula Dean Rick Bozich D. Alan Cutler  
8. High school baseball: where the less athletic kids can get hyped up like their playing football.
A. Aaron Flener B. Shaq C. BTI D. Walter Matthau E. David Mulloy  
9. Thank you God! I got a Yacht for my 40th Soul Day this year! Can't wait to relax!
derek anderson's yacht A. Jamal Mashburn B. Derek Anderson C. Kenny 'Sky' Walker D. Sam Bowie  
10. If Mark Stoops were recruiting any better, Louisville fans would be blaming World Wide Wes.
A. Drunk Coach Cal B. Not Jerry Tipton C. Fake Barney D. Fake Wilder Treadway  
11. Guy next 2 me at Atlanta airport bar just told me I should go to Australia because the age of consent is 13, "if you get the parents okay".
A. Drew Franklin B. Chris Rock C. Josh Hopkins D. Shaq rieffer and cutler
12. When Mark Stoops actually plays Yahtzee with his family, does he yell "HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT!"
A. Tyler Thompson B. Adam Himmelsbach C. Alan Cutler D. Dan Rieffer  
13. If I had a dollar for every time someone thought I was a baseball player, I would have a lot of dollars.
A. Jarrod Polson B. Sam Malone C. Landon Foster D. Patrick Towles  
14. YAHTZEE !!
A. Boom Williams B. Nico Firios C. Mike Edwards D. Darius West E. Drew Barker F. All of the Above   Answers after the JUMP! 1. Rich Brooks 2. Reese Kemp 3. Jose Canseco 4. Marshall Henderson 5. Charles Barkley 6. Stone Cold Willow  7. Oscar Combs 8. BTI 9. Derek Anderson 10. Not Jerry Tipton 11. Josh Hopkins 12. Adam Himmelsbach 13. Landon Foster 14. All of the above, with of course many more to come.

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