Zeke Pike dismissed from Auburn

Stuart Hammerabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Stuart HammerStuart Hammer


You probably remember two of the nation’s top quarterback prospects hailing from the Bluegrass state. Dixie Heights’ Zeke Pike, a five-star and top-five recruit by most scouting services who committed to Auburn, and Highlands’ Patrick Towles, the Kentucky commit, ranked a bit lower than Pike and often taking the back seat in high school QB discussions in the state. Last season, Dixie Heights and Highlands squared off on the gridiron and the debate for who was the better quarterback was settled firmly. Towles threw for over 370 yards and three touchdowns… in the first half. Meanwhile, it took Pike all four quarters to collect 109 yards and two interceptions in Dixie Heights 63-13 loss. That was just the beginning of Pike’s fall from glory. Pike also missed two games for Dixie Heights in his senior year, including his team’s first-round playoff game. Dixie Heights officials refused to give a reason for the suspension. Interesting... At the start of summer, the 19-year-old Pike was arrested in Auburn, Alabama for public intoxication and released on a $300 bond. He was sent home by Coach Gene Chizik to think about his mistake and had yet to be invited back to campus for fall practice. He was battling for a reserve role on the QB depth chart during spring practice. Now Pike’s mistake has removed him from the quarterback race for good. Chizik made it official following practice Wednesday, telling the media that Pike is no longer a member of Auburn’s football team and will transfer. Are you convinced now that Kentucky absolutely got the better end of this deal? The entire situation proves the number of stars next to a kid’s name isn’t the only thing that matters.

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