Georgia Southern postgame nuggets

On3 imageby:Robin Washut09/10/22


Here is a full rundown of what head coach Scott Frost and his players had to say following Nebraska’s 45-42 loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday night…

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Head coach Scott Frost

***Frost said, “we win as a team, and we lose as a team, and we got beat today.” Frost said Nebraska got “out-schemed” on “one side of the ball.”

***Frost said GSU “ran a lot of what we’ve seen” but “won a lot of one-on-one matchups.” He said Nebraska “didn’t have our eyes on the ball.”

***Asked about trying to sell the progress being made in his program after this loss, Frost said he certainly didn’t expect a performance like this. There were positives, he said, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

***Frost said the defense “had a lot to look at” after this loss, and he would spend more time with the defense “and see what we can get fixed.” Frost said the defense thought they could get by with some of their base calls, but they probably needed to change some things up.

***Frost said NU needed to make sure the outside criticism didn’t “seep into our players.”

***Frost said 42 points should be enough to win most every game, but again stressed that “we win together and we lose together.”

***Frost said NU didn’t get off blocks well enough up front, and he expected a lot more from his team up front on defense. “We had a lot of chances to get a stop and didn’t get a stop… You can’t give up that many yards and that many points and expect to win many games.”

***Frost said he loved everything about being the head coach at Nebraska. “I appreciate the people that are with us.”

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Quarterback Casey Thompson

***Thompson said you “just control what you can control.” He said the offense had a good night and did a lot of good things, but “at the end of the day, the team that wins scores the most points. So we’ve got to score more points.”

***Thompson said he’s “just focused on doing my job and leading the offense.”

***Thompson said, “at the end of the day, the coaches are on the sidelines, and the players are on the field. We’ve got to make it right… We should be able to execute everything that’s called.”

***Thompson said he didn’t hear any boos or chants during the game. He was only concerned about what was happening on the field.

***Thompson said he has experience losing high-scoring games, most recently Texas’s loss to Kansas in double overtime last season. He said that helped “give me comfort and peace” as the game went on just because he’d been there before.

EDGE Garrett Nelson

***Nelson said NU missed a lot of fits, and GSU “dinked and dunked us” with short routes and an RPO run game. He said the defense saw what they planned for and credited the Eagles for making plays.

***Nelson said the tempo wasn’t an issue; it was just missed “fits” against the run and in coverage.

***Nelson: “We just can’t let this splinter us. Obviously, it’s a tough game, but we’ve still got 11 more.”

***Nelson said the defense would need to “be honest with ourselves” when they watched the film of this loss.

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