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Kickoff times announced for 2024 OU football season

headshotby:George Stoia06/11/24


Sooners Football: 2024 kickoff times revealed

Kickoff times for the 2024 OU football season are here. At least, kickoff window times are here.

The SEC announced kickoff windows for early, afternoon and late time frames. And the Sooners will potentially only play two or fewer 11 a.m. games. The Maine time will officially be at 1:30 p.m. while the rest of the kickoff times released Tuesday could be flexed. Temple, Houston, Tulane and Texas were already previously announced.

Here are the kickoff times and windows. All times listed are Central Time.

OU football schedule

  • vs Temple 6 pm on ESPN
  • vs Houston 6:45 pm on SECN
  • vs Tulane 2:30 pm on ESPN or ESPN2
  • vs Tennessee 2:30-3:30 OR 5-7 pm on TBA
  • @ Auburn 2:30-3:30 pm on TBA
  • vs Texas 2:30 pm on ABC or ESPN
  • vs South Carolina 11 am OR 12 pm on TBA
  • @ Ole Miss 11 am OR 12 pm on TBA
  • vs Maine 1:30 pm on ESPN+/SECN+
  • @ Missouri 2:30-3:30 OR 5-7 pm on TBA
  • vs Alabama 2:30-3:30 OR 5-7 pm on TBA
  • @ LSU 2:30-3:30 OR 5-7 pm on TBA

OU has been fighting against early kickoff times for several years. Like many schools, Oklahoma prefers home games at later times due to recruiting events and a better atmosphere for fans.

“The reasons are exponentially different. But as a nice side benefit to the football scheduling. We won’t be playing as many 11 o’clock football games,” OU athletics director Joe Castiglione said in Destin at SEC Spring Meetings. “But we will be playing some, as will any of the SEC members. So we knew that. It just won’t be as many. The part that’s been really difficult on everyone is the fact that half of our home games have been played at 11 a.m. Playing (at 11) on the road — the players love it, the coaches love it. You get up, you go play, you get back earlier. I realize, to some degree, our opponents have the same feeling I’m expressing.

“But playing one or two is different than playing half of a home schedule because our fans truly value the game day experience as a big part of the reason why they purchase tickets. And we know a lot of people come to the games without tickets. Maybe they get tickets, maybe they don’t. But they love the pageantry, the party at the palace, the whole scene on campus. That’s been adversely impacted over the years with the numerous 11 o’clock kickoffs. It was just a disproportionate number for Oklahoma than the other schools in the conference and you can go check the data. Again, we were willing to do our share back then, but it was just out of balance.” 

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