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SoonerScoop podcast: DeMarco Murray staying at OU

Bob Przybyloby:Bob Przybylo03/20/24


You want a glimpse of what it’s like to be tracking OU news in real-time? Then this is the Unofficial 40 podcast for you.

As the SoonerScoop crew was digging into the usual type of week’s news, boom, there was the DeMarco Murray news.

What felt like a ploy, perhaps, to earn a raise earlier in the week, there felt like real smoke about Murray leaving OU to head to Ohio State.

As the podcast progressed, though, ha, fortunes changed for the better for OU.

So Murray will remain the running backs coach for the Sooners. And the five-man crew (Josh McCuistion, Carey Murdock, Bob Przybylo, Eddie Radosevich, George Stoia) worked through it all.

NCAA Tournament begins… without OU

It had been the talk of the week before the Murray chaos. Still trying to comprehend how OU was left out of the NCAA Tournament.

Head coach Porter Moser held a 29-minute press conference Tuesday, explaining how emotional that Selection Sunday really was for his guys.

The OU argument, among other schools, really picked up steam when Virginia laid a very predictable egg in the play-in game Tuesday night.

Instead of the Sooners going dancing for the first time under Moser, the program is wondering what steps need to be taken to make sure Year No. 4 is the best one yet.

Under Armour bonanza, Part II

For the second consecutive weekend, McCuistion was watching some of the best of the best for the 2025 and 2026 classes. The Under Armour event was in Houston last Sunday.

This is the right year to be in Houston as the Sooners have put in some solid early work in the city and surrounding areas.

UA is the headline, but there remains the talk about what’s going to happen, if anything, with quarterback commit Kevin Sperry. Are the two sides still seeing eye-to-eye at this time?

All that and a whole bunch more and the banter you’ve come to expect. It’s the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop.

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