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SoonerScoop podcast: Let's talk some OU spring football

Bob Przybyloby:Bob Przybylo03/27/24


Give yourself a round of applause as it is time to dig in once again to OU football. Spring football, but football is football, right?

The Sooners are in the middle of Week 2 in the spring, and the media has had ample number of opportunities this week to get in idea of what’s what.

So let’s get to it in the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop. The five-man crew (Josh McCuistion, Carey Murdock, Bob Przybylo, Eddie Radosevich, George Stoia) are ready to get you fired up for Team 130.


After a 90-minute session Monday, a lot of thoughts are swirling around our heads. Like we finally know what happened with running back Jovantae Barnes in 2023, suffering setbacks from the foot surgery.

We are getting pumped up about what the tight end room is starting to become after being an overwhelming weak point for the team last season.

Freshmen and transfers are looking the part, especially guys like defensive back Dez Malone, defensive tackle David Stone and tight end Davon Mitchell.

Defense is ahead of offense as it should be. So many leaders, so much experience among that group. They came back for a reason.

And a lot of, hey, I remember that guy. Players who were banged up in 2023 now hoping to turn it all around for Brent Venables this season.

Calm before the recruiting storm

OU has been biding its time on the recruiting trail. But it feels like the Sooners are about to strike. That first blow could come Friday afternoon with four-star running back Tory Blaylock.

McCuistion gives the latest on how things are going on that front and what to watch in the next couple of weeks.

Portal bonanza

Portal Moser time. Indeed, it’s time for Porter Moser to make some moves in the transfer portal. And honestly? A lot of the moves OU could potentially make have a strong OKPreps vibe to it.

It wasn’t planned that way, but it sure is happening just like that. And the Sooners are sitting pretty with a couple of prospects already.

Radosevich gets you caught up with baseball. Przybylo does the same with softball. And all the banter you’ve come to expect from the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop.

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