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SoonerScoop podcast: Time for OU football to evaluate portal?

Bob Przybyloby:Bob Przybylo04/11/24


It’s another edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop and dealing with OU football. The crew has one question: is it time for transfer portal talk? Or at least some feelers out there. Let’s not say tampering, but… well, you know.

Coming down the stretch run of OU spring practice, and you can start to mentally fill out a depth chart. And be pleased at a lot of different positions.

But when it comes to offensive line and defensive line, just the feeling that something is missing. Something or someone. It will be very intriguing to watch how head coach Brent Venables uses the next couple of weeks.

As much as we’re talking about OU being the aggressor, might very well see some Sooners decide to exit as well after spring football.

It’s only a 15-day window, but it should bring about a good case of chaos. And OU definitely needs to be a part of it.

The five-man crew (Josh McCuistion, Carey Murdock, Bob Przybylo, Eddie Radosevich, George Stoia) are here to break it all down.

2025 class rolling

The podcast opened with the commitment of 2025 defensive back Maliek Hawkins. And it closed getting you ready for defensive lineman Trent Wilson. Spoiler alert: Wilson committed to OU on Wednesday evening.

That’s three defensive commitments in the span of four days as the 2025 class keeps on keeping on. A bit quiet in the winter, this group is coming together very nicely.

What’s next for the Sooners?

Let the chaos begin

Thursday is the final day of the basketball dead period in recruiting. So, indeed, it is time for head coach Porter Moser to find the missing pieces.

We know Sean Pedulla is a key target. And we also examine what the NBA Draft/keep eligibility announcement from Jalon Moore is going to mean.

OU keeps making cuts for targets, but you’re going to have to do more than that from this point on.

Plus, a recap of uneven weeks for baseball and softball. Both coming off emotionally draining rivalry series on the road.

All that and all the banter you’ve come to expect from the Unofficial 40 podcast from SoonerScoop.

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