SoonerScoop Sights & Sounds: OU 66, OSU 62

On3 imageby:Bob Przybylo02/11/24


OK, it wasn’t the knockout punch that some OU basketball fans were hoping for. However, it is a Bedlam win, which hasn’t been easy to come by in the last three seasons.

The Sooners closed the show when it mattered most in the 66-62 victory against visiting Oklahoma State on Saturday.

Emotional as any Bedlam, OU had to figure out a way to control all that emotion. As head coach Porter Moser would say, you can play with emotion but not emotionally.

The Sooners had three technical fouls and a flagrant foul still early in the second half. It was Moser’s job to get everything back on track.

“I just called us together. I said, ‘You guys. We’ve got to overcome adversity. Stop thinking about all that’s happening.’ And I was having to listen to myself, too,” Moser said. “My own advice. And just say, ‘From this point let the story be we’re overcoming adversity. Do not let the story be… It’s just crazy circumstances going on.

“Let the story be we’re overcoming adversity, not let the story be, ‘Man, it’s just crazy circumstances going on.’ You know, I’ll say this, and I should’ve said it at the beginning: I didn’t expect anything less from Oklahoma State playing their tails off. Physical, physical, high energy—played unbelievably hard, and I didn’t expect anything else from Oklahoma State.”

Moser is now 2-9 vs. OSU and Texas. But all he’ll point toward is the 1-0 from this weekend. A two-game homestand OU had to have, and the Sooners did just that.

OU is now 18-6 overall and 6-5 in the Big 12. They’re probably a solid No. 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament and just have to continue to stack wins and bounce back from losses.

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