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The Family Business: South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer

Bob Przybyloby:Bob Przybylo06/12/24


A lot of good OU football home games for the 2024 season, but don’t forget about when South Carolina comes to town.

The Gamecocks visit Norman on Oct. 19 in what we now know will be an early kickoff. And it’s another reunion. Former OU assistant coach Shane Beamer, of course, is now running the show at South Carolina.

He joined The Family Business on SoonerScoop with hosts Joe Castiglione Jr. and Isaac Stoops. Reminiscing about his time at OU, growing up around football and what OU fans should expect from SC come Oct. 19.

Family Business: Shane Beamer

Why did you decide to come to OU after the 2017 season?

I can remember I was sitting on the bus in Atlanta the next morning at the hotel, and I’m getting ready to come back to Athens. And I got a text message from Lincoln Riley that just said, hey, are you free later this afternoon?

Do you have time at all? And I don’t know what he wanted. I figured he wanted to talk about a coach he was hiring or transfer our game or something.

So I’m like, yes, sure. And then I got back to Athens, and I remember my wife and I took the dog for a walk, and we just took the kids out for a walk.

We were just walking through the neighborhood. And I called Lincoln and he talked about this possibility and coming to you and what factored into it. Really, I felt like it was a lot of reasons. One, opportunity to grow as a coach. My wife’s from Mississippi. We never lived west of Starkville, Mississippi. Here’s an opportunity to, you know, get out of our comfort zone and grow as a family.

Lincoln Riley, and what Oklahoma was doing offensively at the time were was lighting everybody up in college football. And I just felt like the opportunity to get connected with that program. And that offense would really open up a lot of doors for me.

This year’s team, especially Nyckoles Harbor?

He’s awesome because he’s a track athlete, but he’s not a track athlete that comes out and plays football. He sees himself as a football player. Just happens to run track, you know. So he’s tough. He’s physical, loves football, a great young man. And yeah, he’s got all the tools for sure. I mean, he’s a big guy that can run and very, very raw at football

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