What OU might make in revenue share in SEC vs Big 12

On3 imageby:George Stoia02/10/24


OU is set to make much more money in the SEC than in the Big 12.

The SEC reportedly made $853 million in revenue in 2023, which results in a $51.3 million average distribution among the current 14 member schools. That’s nearly double what the Big 12 made in 2022 at $481 million. That number is expected to increase in 2023, with the additions of BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston.

But the SEC’s will only increase further in 2024 with the additions of OU and Texas. It’s expected to be closer to $1.1 billion with ESPN/ABC taking over Saturdays in the SEC. However, the Sooners and Longhorns won’t receive any revenue share in 2024, according to the schools’ entry agreements. That is due to the decision to leave the Big 12 a year early from their contract. The two schools were originally expected to have to pay a $160 million early exit fee, but will now pay closer to $100 million.

The Big Ten is the only Power Five conference expected to make more than the SEC in 2023. In 2022, the Big Ten was $846 million with that number expected to increase this year and in 2024 with the additions of Oregon, Washington, UCLA and USC. The ACC made $617 million in 2022 and the Pac-12 made $581 million. The Big 12 is expected to make the least amount of money in 2023 among the Power Five and again in 2024 with the exit of OU and Texas.

The conferences are also expected to make much more money from the expanded College Football Playoff. Before the 12-team expansion, conferences were paid approximately $103 million per year. With the expansion, that number is expected to increase to $323 million per year. 

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