Five National Recruits Worth Tracking - Defense

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins02/15/24

Last week I rolled out an update talking about five recruits in Texas or East of Texas Oregon is an early player for. Like I said in that original update, Oregon is going to butter its bread in the Western footprint. If they sign 25 recruits, at least 15 of them are likely, at the very least, in Texas or West of Texas.

There are some good players in California this year. Not a lot on Oregon or Washington, few Hawaii prospects have emerged yet. And there are a few in Arizona. Which means Oregon will hunt around the country to fill out the recruiting class.

Here are the five on offense I previously wrote about. Now let’s get onto the defense.

EDGE Justin Hill (Ohio)

National Ranking: 169

Hill is one of the most coveted defensive players in the country and has already visited Oregon. I can see why the Ducks are working so hard, he’s an ideal fit in Lanning’s defense. But he will be a very tough pull from the in-state Buckeyes, which continues to be a growing recruiting rivalry. Oregon has to get him back on campus to have a shot so that’s what we look for next.

DL Trajen Odom (N.C.)

National Ranking: UR

Odom is going to be one of the guys Oregon puts a lot of its recruiting efforts into. I would be shocked if he isn’t back on campus again this Spring. Oregon will have to go outside the Western footprint to fill its needs at defensive line and Odom is one of the top early priorities there.

SAF DJ Pickett (Fla.)

National Ranking: 7

Pickett has visited Oregon multiple times already. The groundwork is there. But an elite top ten guy from Florida is not going to be easy. Is this the year we see Oregon finally pull an elite player East of Texas? I think we’ll hear a lot more about Pickett as the cycle goes on.

SAF Faheem Delane (Md.)

National Ranking: 26

I hesitated listing both Pickett and Delane in this update. Mostly because I think Oregon could land one but not both. However both remain highly interested in Oregon and I expect we see them back on campus this Spring. Is Chris Hampton really trying to make a splash this cycle? This would certainly qualify.

DB Dorian Brew (Tex.)

National Ranking: 23

One of the truly elite corners in the country. Something I mentioned on a recent YouTube is the fact I think Oregon can and will be selective at corner and safety this year. This is a chance for them to go for quality not quantity. Brew is probably the longest shot on this list today, but something tells me Oregon is prepared to make a big push this Spring.

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