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Jhop's Post-Spring CFB Top Ten

On3 imageby:Justin Hopkins05/08/24

Spring football has come and gone, just like that. And despite a few outliers, the bulk of the transfers have taken place, at least for most of the top schools around the country.

Oregon snagged a pair of transfers in the Spring window while many others in the top ten range didn’t really see any movement one way or another.

Which means we go into the dog days of Summer where we literally just count the days until football season. Thankfully we have recruiting to keep us occupied.

There’s a lot of talk about Oregon and this roster. And rightfully so. It has as much talent as any roster Oregon has ever had and has more depth than any roster Oregon has ever had. There are very few holes on this roster. Which is a key component of any championship team.

Here is my top ten which of course includes the Ducks. What I like about this year is that you really can make an argument for just about everyone in the top ten to move up or down based on your own opinions. What I like most of all is you could really make an argument for everyone in the top five to be number one.

This all makes for what should be a fun college football season. Here is my top ten.

  1. Georgia — A lot of Ohio state picks out there but I won’t bet against Kirby Smart. He rebuilds his roster, has an experienced staff and knows how to get it done. Until Ryan Day can prove the same, Smart gets the nod from me when it’s this close.
  2. Ohio State — I think this is the most talented roster money can buy. I mean in the country. And I’m not going to pretend Ohio State bought a team and nobody else did, it’s just clear they invested a lot of re$ource$ into this season.
  3. Oregon — In terms of roster talent, I think the difference is razor thin between Oregon and tOSU. Obviously the two will play each other and so far both coaches are looking to win their first national championship. Injuries and a bit of luck might just be the difference here.
  4. Ole Miss — Everyone likes to have Texas somewhere in the top four it seems like. But I think Ole Miss quietly went hard in the portal early on and people have forgotten at some of the additions Lane Kiffin made. Did you know Ole Miss hosts Georgia November 9? Now you do.
  5. Texas — Lots of talent, loads of it. But know this. If Steve Sarkisian couldn’t get it done in the Big-12 what on earth gives you confidence he will in his first year vs the SEC? And they have Michigan on the schedule to boot? I’ll take the proven Ole Miss over Texas at this point. Feel free to prove me wrong.
  6. Utah — Now if this was still the Pac-12, I probably wouldn’t have Utah this high. But coach Whittingham is poised to wreck a down Big-12 in his first year with an experienced quarterback, physical style of play and one of the easiest schedules in the country. Utah is going to look like a dangerous team until they actually play someone with some talent.
  7. Florida State — Don’t think I’m ranking them this high because of DJ U. I’m not. He’ll be good enough to win games and Mike Norvell is a wizard at running his offense and keeping the game manageable for his quarterbacks. This is a balanced team with a great staff in a winnable conference.
  8. Arizona — Let me say this as I have said before, Jedd Fisch made a short-sighted decision leaving for Washington. He had more talent on his Arizona roster and was set to walk through possibly the easiest schedule in this top ten. Yes, they will struggle with elite teams, but they only face Utah and that’s it all year. Unlike Washington, they’ll win a lot of games.
  9. Alabama — If Nick Saban was still the head coach I’d have Bama probably up around 5 or 6. But they don’t. And this isn’t where I take a shot at Kalen Deboer knowing he’s 3-0 against Lanning. But this is a MASSIVE step up for Deboer and I think he’s about to pay the price for Saban beating up on the league for a decade. And that schedule, whoof.
  10. Missouri — I had a helluva time with No. 10. Because I think you could easily argue putting Tennessee, Clemson or LSU here. Oh you think I’m overlooking Michigan? I’m not. I’m not buying any Michigan stock this season nor am I buying Penn State stock. Mizzou did more with less last year and I think they could once again squeak in with another ‘surprise’ season.

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