WATCH: SMU spring practice highlights - Day 1

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SMU Spring Practice Highlights - Day 1

SMU Football was back on the practice field on Tuesday to begin spring practices. Check out the highlights from the first action we saw from the Mustangs.

SMU head coach Rhett Lashlee was happy with how his team looked heading into the third spring under his direction.

“Man, it was good. It was exciting. You’re in helmets,” Lashlee told reporters. “It’s probably one of the better helmet practices from the standpoint of guys practicing like pros. We didn’t have a lot of guys on the ground. Defense understands how to practice with that tempo offense. We got a lot of returning faces. We do have some transfers and some high school guys.

“So there are some new faces, but it didn’t feel like Day 1. It felt like going into Year 3. We know what we’re doing an offense, defense. We know how to practice. You can only tell so much in helmets. But I do think guys flew around and we had some good energy and good competition.”

SMU heading into the ACC in 2024

The Mustangs are headed into a new of SMU with a new league. Lashlee says his team is ready for the new opportunities ahead.

“Man, our players are excited,” Lashlee said. “It’s arguably the most exciting time in our school’s history, from an athletic standpoint. Just coming off of a championship season, going to the ACC, we’ve got a brand new facility — you can hear all the trucks running behind me — that we’re going to move into right when the season starts. There’s just a lot of excitement and you only get one opportunity to do something for the first time. So I think again, with a lot of returning guys, I think they’re excited at the schedule and the opportunity to play in the ACC and to play on that stage.”

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