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    Got my Furd tickets

    Thanks that's better than what we had to pay the last couple of times.
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    Got my Furd tickets

    what was the cost per ticket?
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    Tyrone Taleni: Unpolished gem

    glad it wasn't behind a pay wall
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    Dave Chappelle Attack

    Thank George Soros... he's funded Gascon's campaigns.
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    SCOTUS Leaker

    "It's all about the children" to the left... that's what we have heard since the Clintons ran for the WH. Yet all they want is to kill them before they have that chance to be the child they "care so much" about. And what about PP selling the baby parts... which is a felony with stiff penalties...
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    Trojans land former Ohio State starting safety Bryson Shaw

    The type of player Riley likes... a leader