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    Wonder if our game will be on SEC+ Thursday?

    Hoping for SECN. ESPN & ESPN2 appear to already have games on Thurs nite.
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    OT: 88 Octane gasoline ......

    Moved to Durham in March. Have recently started seeing it. It's 15% Ethanol as opposed to 87 Octane which is 10% Ethanol. Is there any sort of "hard and fast" rule as to which autos can burn 88 Octane with zero problems. The reason I ask is because it's 30 cents a gallon less expensive than...
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    Johnson vs NCAA

    Correct. Their scholarship and related freebies would presumably be treated as income. That's $30,000 to $100,000 (depends on the school) that would be subject to taxes. It's benefits they'd have to reach in the back pocket to pay for. A few elite athletes who are students would do fine. The...
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    Hilinski fires Scott Frost

    the goal is to win the game not rub it in your opponent's face. The failed O-S-K seemed to fire up NW. Nebraska did not score again while BW scores 2 TD's. Bad coaching move. Very bad. Nebraska was dominating for the quarter up until the failed onsides kick. It's the sort of decision that...
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    Sir Big Spur is no more! Suggestions for new name?

    Cocky-mania Soda City Cock Cock-in-ator
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    Sir Big Spur is no more! Suggestions for new name?

    nothing like a good pi$$ing contest a week & a half before the 1st game of the season.