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    Musings from Arledge: Improving college football

    Chris, re: the requirement to have Gomer succeed Saban at Bama---I thought the 8th Amendment prohibited cruel and unusual punishment way back in 1791--:LOL:. Some very funny comments---I had to actually clean my diet cola drink off the laptop screen on reading the Claydo comment.
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    Matayo w/ Coach Shaun Nua. 👀✌️

    I never realized how tight Coach Polamalu was with Norm Chow. At the 2012 season opener in the Coli against UH 'Bows, I remember watching those 2 chat onfield during the pregame for 10-15 min., looked like best buds catching up with each other. I knew they both coached on staff during CPC's...
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    Musings from Arledge: Putting Tosh in perspective, Wisconsin's bounce-back plan, and USC's fun again

    Great article although I don't think Shapiro can take advantage of Quacker season tickets for a while yet. He's in the middle of serving a 20-yr. sentence although he was allowed to transfer in 2020 from Club Fed to home confinement for the remainder. And if the reporter posing that question...
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    Matayo w/ Coach Shaun Nua. 👀✌️

    Get it done, Coach Nua!!! Shaka brah!! Was a little worried about Poly recruiting when So'oto left but Nua should pick things up w/o missing a beat!
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    CW was locked up weeks ago.

    Just glad it's finally behind us and Riles can focus on spring ball. Plus, CW can focus especially on getting his timing down with new receivers (except for MW, of course). Will be the most eagerly-anticipated spring session in years!
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    Musings from Arledge: On Wisconsin, Caleb Williams and Another Hackett

    So Chris, if Gomer's son ever becomes a coach in the future, are you going to trash him like Hackett's son, too? :LOL: Speaking of Larry Holmes, he may not be a super sleuth but the man was one of the most underrated HW champs in history. His record was 48-0 at one time before age...
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    Portal King

    Not to mention I grew so damn tired of his endless bubble screens which the opposing D always knew was coming and snuffed out. Other teams would pick up a 1st down on a bubble but with Lame Kitten, USC always seemed to lose yardage on those plays. The 7-10 loss to Wazzou St. in the Coli a...
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    Alabama LB Shane Lee to USC. ✌️

    Love the fact we're picking up tough, athletic LBs from the SEC in Lee and Height!! :D:D Front 7 on D have to get much, much better for USC to contend for Natties in several years. We're not yet anywhere near that point in 2008 when Rey Rey, Cushing, Clay and Kaluka were pounding anything that...
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    A Chance For Sweet Revenge

    Stephen A going off on Da Boyz ...... again!:LOL:
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    2022 OL Dave Luli at Polynesian Bowl

    Scott should take him to lunch at Ono Hawaiian Food on Kapahulu and let him scarf down da kine Hawaiian plate lunch. Just might seal the deal for USC!
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    JT Daniels expected to enter the portal

    I believe he was held back though in grade school, meaning he did graduate HS in the proper age bracket for a HS senior.
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    Musings from Arledge: Caleb Williams, Oklahoma Meltdown, and The Market

    Chris, another enjoyable read (as expected). * Thanks for hopefully talking the Chicken Littles off the ledge (absolutely agree with you on that point). Yes, stranger things have happened but just because a gamma-ray burst from a distant galaxy may be headed Earth's way doesn't mean I'm...
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    JT Daniels expected to enter the portal

    In some ways, this is not surprising. Was reading elsewhere that even Bennett may not start in 2022 if he returns (he still has a year of eligibility left---6 yrs. to play 4) and he's obviously not League material. Smart et al. are still considering TP options even with SB and/or JT returning...
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    IMHO Sunday: Would you believe...

    Greg, very good write-up as always. One thing, I myself am so glad CDW was retained on LFR's staff. USC might not get a great overall 2022 incoming class but it would have been potentially much worse w/o CDW. Plus, I'm sure he's very effective w/ TP candidates, too. Since the TP has become...
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    Plot Thickening RE Caleb Williams

    Point is you do have to give assurances (verbal) today. This is a different era and these are again, 18-19 yos. They'll walk in a heartbeat, just witness the 2,600+ CFB athletes currently in the TP. The most likely reason LFR isn't chasing JD is he feels confident deep-down that CW will come...